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ArtLink Festival’s mission is to attract the public attention to the importance of promoting young artists through festivals, the synergy of their individual authorities and quality, creating new, powerful creativity and production lever, in a dialogue with the audience, donors and the media. The Festival seeks to establish the young talents as recognised artists, building their confidence, professional curriculum, national and international recognition, contacts with other artists, talent seekers and partner festivals, in that way contributing to the attainment of future meaningful employment for the young artists.

Through the dedication of the Festival team and of the mentoring artists, the high artistic standards and quality are instilled in the young artists and their performances – all leading to the audience being exposed to high-quality standards and developing to a level of discerning classical music enthusiasts. By doing all of the above, for a sustained period of time, with clear enthusiasm and benevolence, the ArtLink is building up an engaged and sustained alliance of audience, artists, and supporters. I firmly believe that classical music is as relevant and necessary today as ever. I would like young artists from Serbia to be heard and watched in the best musical environment so that the world can discover and enjoy their talents – because true talent deserves recognition and support. This was my motivation to start a Festival and Music management as a part of ArtLink, with the aim of promoting and supporting young talents, primarily from Serbia, but also from the Region and further afield. I am happy that through our Festival we will be able to share with you the art of excellent artists, some better known than others, providing them with an opportunity for further professional development. We will all jointly make sure that they do not go unnoticed.

Jovanka Višekruna Janković Founder and Artistic Director of ArtLink Young Talents’ Festival

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